What is Solar Power?

What is Solar Power?

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Solar Power?

Solar power is one of the cleanest and probably the most abundant renewable energy sources. The United States has some of the best solar resources in the world. Today’s technology can harness the suns energy for many different uses like providing light, making electricity and heating water for home and industrial uses.Many benefits besides being a clean energy source can arise from solar panels.



You can save tons of money on your electric bill. Before I transitioned over to solar panels, I was paying a little bit over two hundred bucks a month, and I didn’t use much power, and I was paying up the ass in light bills. I was doing a bit of research and found a local solar company to install some solar panels for no money down. After my first month, my electricity bill was three dollars. Then the following month I got a credit for 55 dollars, but still keep in mind you still have to pay the monthly payment for the panels.



Most solar panel companies especially in California will give a no money down offer to have them installed for you. Well, it is free to a certain degree. The way this company did it was that I paid no money out of pocket when they installed, but they would take the government tax credit as a down payment so it really was no money down. In other words you make your large payment the next year after taxes when the IRS give you the tax credit, and then you send that to the solar company along with monthly payments you make for the system. So yes they are free no money down.



For those of you that like the environment aka your home , you can save that while you save money as well. Solar power is the cleanest energy source you can produce, and if you have solar panels in California or Arizona where its always sunny you’ll have plenty of energy.

The benefits of solar power outweigh the cons. There are numerous companies that can set you up for solar in your area. All you need to do is search for some solar companies in your local area. You can always check out our directory to see which solar providers are the best in your area. To find the best solar companies in your area in the United States, click here to go to our Solar Panel directory to help you out. Here we review and suggest the best local Solar panel providers near you!

Here is a video explaining how Solar Energy Works!


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